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Hot-rent 25% DISCOUNT
Pre-booking discount 5%
Long-term living 10% discount
24 hours / 7 days
Less like a hotel more like home
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You may pay

You may pay Visa, Mastercard, Western Union


Non-cash payment - invoice for legal persons

Via the terminal in our office



Terms and conditions

  •  Choosing an apartment

1. We offer you to review our apartments’ catalogue and choose the one that matches your expectations. We recommend using our site’s section “Quick Search”. There, you can easily find apartments available or reserved without prepay for the time period you need. You have the opportunity to reserve an apartment online and view your reservation in the calendar (see apartment detailed information).
2. You can also contact our managers to assist you with your choice. To send an application including all your requirements, go to section “Order”.

  • Reservation

    After you made a choice you should make reservation. Listed below are ways to make a reservation:
1) preliminary online reservation in a form listed below apartment detailed information and its location;
2) via application form in section “Order”. Our managers will contact you to make a reservation;
3) via telephone;
4) via Skype;
5) via ICQ.
   Attention! Preliminary reservation has the status of an unconfirmed reservation until the advance deposit is made.

  • Payment Option

   After advance deposit is made we guarantee that the exact apartment you’ve chosen is reserved by you and the order total cannot be changed.  Besides, after the prepay, the status of reservation is changed from unconfirmed to confirmed.
Prepayment option:
1. by cash via your representative in Kiev;
2. by transferring money to our credit card Visa “Privatbank”  (hryvnas, American dollars, Euro are acceptable);
3. via POS terminal of Raiffeisen Bank Aval in our office;
4. via international systems of money transfer (Avers, Contact, Moneygram, Privatmoney, Western Union, Anelik);
5. by transferring money to our e-wallets  via electronic payment system WebMoney in any favorable currency (U329059242041 HRYVNAS (UAH), E580004191507 - EURO, R412183271337-Russian Rubles (RUB),
    Z301374369773 - USD);
6. via “Internet- acquiring” (via a bank credit card).
   To pay via bank card account follow the steps:
1) click “Visa, MasterCard” banner located below “Payment Option”
2) fill in the application form of an order payment, including the order’s number, the sum and full name of the sender;
3) fill in data of your payment card (card number, validity and CW2-code);
4) enter verification code of the transaction (6 digits included in transaction’s comments in round brackets VCODE(XXXXXX). To get the verification code you should contact the bank support service or you can get the code via SMS-/Internet-Banking system.

We provide all the necessary records for finance and accounting departments.

  •  Cancellation Policy

   If  you cancel your reservation less than 10 days before scheduled arrival you get a 100% refund of deposit (except payment systems’ commissions if the prepay was non-cash). To cancel a reservation you may call us or e-mail at
   In case you cancel a reservation within 5-9 days before scheduled arrival you get a 50% refund of deposit (plus payment systems’ commissions if the prepay was non-cash). To cancel reservation you may call us or e-mail at
   In case you cancel reservation less than 5 days before scheduled arrival you get no refund of deposit.

  •     Checking-in

1. We would highly appreciate your arrival confirmation a day before your scheduled arrive.
2. The check-in starts at 1 p.m. If you would like to change your check-in time please inform our managers in advance.
3. One should have personally identifying documents (passport, driver’s license) to fill in an application form.
4. The keys to the apartment are given only on the check-in day either at our office at any convenient time or in the apartment by a housemaid, the time should be arranged with our managers in advance.
5. According to established rules, some apartments with expensive home appliances require a deposit. The deposit is equivalent to $100-200, which is returned on the check-out day on conditions of no damaged property. 

6. On the arrival after 22:00, you have to make the prepayment of the first night stay in advance (during three hours after booking, if you book it day-by-day).  Amount is non-refundable if you not arrived.

  •   Dwelling

1. Apartments can be rented only for dwelling.  Loud social events that may inconvenience neighbors and damage property are not allowed.
2. According to the Decree of September, 26 2002, ¹47/207 on the rules of area development, parking, quietness in public places, trade in markets of Kiev:
The dwelling conditions do not allow any loud singing, shouting, switching on radio and TV sets at maximum volume, making loud noise by using manufacturing facilities, explosive materials and other noisy sets, producing other noise in the streets, houses, apartments, pre-house territory and rest areas at night time from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. In case the neighbors inform us of these rules being disobeyed, our agency’s representatives have the right to evict tenants immediately (at any time of the day) without giving any reason and with no deposit returned.  
3. The tenants are liable for third persons’ activities in the apartments by the tenant’s consent.

  • Dwelling prolongation

    In case you need to extend the dwelling time you should inform our managers in any convenient way. The dwelling time will be extended only for the lack of confirmed reservation for the period. To know if there’s any confirmed reservation apply to our manager or go to our website. All the reservations are displayed in a calendar in section “apartment detailed information”. The compulsory condition of dwelling extension is 100% prepay for all the prolonged period.

  •   Checking-out

   The established time to check out is 12 a.m. On the eve of your checking out you should contact our managers to schedule the time to return the keys and receive your deposit.
In case you check out before scheduled and prepaid period, the following rules apply:
1) The calculations are made according to the active price at the moment of checking in as long as the dwelling cost depends on the number of days.
2) In case you reduce the number of dwelling days, a penalty equivalent to one day’s dwelling cost will be applied.

  • Force majeure

1. Due to the fact that apartments are in the houses that belong to the infrastructure of the city and lack stand-alone sources of water- and energy supply and telecommunication, the agency does not bear responsibility for the quality of public utilities. All the utilities listed above may be temporarily unavailable due to the repair work by the respective service. In this case, we can offer you another apartment, similar to the one you occupy.
2. In case the force majeure circumstances (breakdown of service in the house or in the street, lack of water or energy supply) occur on the eve of your checking in, our managers will contact you and offer you a similar apartment.

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69/71 Zhilyanskaya str.
Price per day: $58
4 Sofiefskaya St.
It is situated quite near "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" square
2 Hospitalnaya St.
Ñomfortable apartment with big plazma TV.
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   Rambler's Top100 Àðåíäà êâàðòèð Íåäâèæèìîñòü 5000